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  • The 2021 JDB Scholarship

    When Julie first approached me about creating a scholarship, my exact thought process was “That sounds great, but where do we start?”. After a lot of thinking and processing, I realized that I could create this scholarship to resemble all the qualities I wished the scholarships I was applying for 2 years ago had. Coming from a small town, you do everything, and I wanted a scholarship that really was applicable to those who did just that. The talented musicians, the star athletes, the state champion public speakers, the creative artists, but in this case, all of the above. The one common theme I saw in all these qualities was, they all had goals. They all had goals they wanted to achieve in the next year, they all had goals they wanted to achieve in the next 5 years, but most importantly they all had goals that they wanted to achieve. With this scholarship, I wanted the focus to be to get those individuals thinking about those goals.

    For the JDB 2021 scholarship, the applicants had to create a vision board, answer 3 questions, and then create a 1:30 – 3:00 minute video about their vision board. We sent these applications off to our judging panel, which consisted of judges from Virginia, Iowa, and Texas. However, I took a glimpse at all the applications we received. With all these applications, I saw the talented musician, the star athlete, the state champion public speaker, the creative artist, but most of all I saw the drive that all of these students had in them. After round 1, 5 finalists from each state moved on to interviews via zoom. Our judges asked each finalists a list of questions that led us to know a little bit more about them. Needless to say, our judges were highly impressed with the creativity, communication skills, and attitude that all of these students had. They saw that each individual wanted to grow, make an impact, do what they are passionate about, but most of all reach the goals they set for themselves. Out of all 5 finalists, there were two individuals from Nebraska and one individual from Kansas that went on to receive the $1,000 scholarship to help them achieve those goals.

    We are honored and so proud to present the 2021 JDB Scholarships to the following students: Kari Edelman (Sabetha, KS), Del Casteel (Falls City, NE), and Reagan de Koning (Pawnee City, NE). These three students showed exponential drive, discipline, and grit. They possessed the passion and determination needed to serve others, make an impact, and reach their goals by consistently displaying these qualities throughout each round. 

    Its so exciting to be able to offer this scholarship opportunity to our local communities, schools, and seniors. In the future, we plan to better the scholarship process, rethink the criteria, and find new creative ways to provide the best opportunity for success for our local seniors. 

    On behalf of the whole JDB team, we wish the class of 2021 the best in their future ahead! Continue to make an impact, lead with passion, and most importantly reach your goals. 

       Grace K. Kanel

       Scholarship Program Coordinator

    Grace K. Kanel | 05/12/2021

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